Overworked Biloela doctor calls it quits

By ZOE SINCLAIRzoe@gladstoneobserver.com.au

Dr NAZIRA Carrim-Gany worked all hours of the day and night at Biloela Hospital but now wonders why.

She feels the job she has put so much into has brought her under scrutiny because of her training in South Africa.

Dr Carrim-Gany (pictured right) has worked in the position of Acting Medical Superintendent in Biloela for nearly two years and said never has her capability as a doctor, specialising in obstetrics, been questioned until the Dr Death scandal.

Following the breakdown of her marriage in March and fed-up with the hours and pressure, she handed in her resignation on May 9.

But Dr Carrim-Gany's concern was still for her patients and to ensure she was in the best health to care for them, Dr Carrim-Gany said she took leave and after psychiatrist's advice, reduced her hours by working only in the clinic, not the hospital.

She had only been back from leave 10 days when Queensland Health suspended her from duties.

Dr Carrim-Gany said Queensland Health said she was incapable of working due to physical ill-health, based on staff advice.

Staff support had never been in question until the Dr Death scandal and now she doesn't know where to turn.

"I don't feel safe working there,'' Dr Carrim-Gany said. "I can't trust the people I work with, I feel like I have to watch over my shoulder ? now that isn't a safe environment.''

But despite it all, her patients have stuck by her and Dr Carrim-Gany said that makes it all the harder.

"They say to me: 'please stay on, why are you leaving, who can replace you?''' Dr Carrim-Gany said.

"I have a clean record and I've given Biloela good service.'' Dr Carrim-Gany said she plans to move to Victoria where she was offered a job but now she fears her registration as a doctor in Victoria is in jeopardy because of the bad publicity.

Gladstone Australian Medical Association representative Dr John Bird yesterday said her circumstance was becoming very common.

"There are unreasonable expectations on doctors working in rural and regional areas,'' Dr Bird said.

"We need more people working in these areas but fortunately in Gladstone it isn't the case that one doctor has to carry the load.''

The Banana Health Service District manager was unavailable for comment yesterday.

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