Objections fail to stop development

DESPITE nearly 90 objections from nearby residents, a service station, car wash and fast food outlet will be built at the corner of Boles and Breslin Streets.

However with nearly 80 conditions placed on the development by Gladstone City Council, residents in the area are claiming a victory.

At Wednesday's council meet-ing, residents openly aired their concerns about the application, with noise, odour and increased traffic in the area the main concerns.

However the council's assessment and development manager Andrew Kearns said there were still grounds to approve the application.

During discussions the council was very careful that any conditions placed on the approval would stand up in court if the developers challenged the decision.

Much of the debate referred to the approval of the Woolworths Plus service station on Auckland Street which also had a similar number of objections.

The council approved the Woolworths Plus service station as a 24 hour operation, but placed stringent noise restrictions on it after 10pm so the company could not physically operate after that hour without breaking those restrictions.

However in the Boles Street case, the council felt it was justified in restricting the hours of operation from 5.30am to 10pm due to the area being designated as urban.

During the meeting one resident said the noise from the existing service station, which will be demolished to make way for the development, was already unacceptable.

There are also a number of residential subdivisions going in across the road in Boles Street, and their are fears the extra traffic may clash with the primary school located in the immediate area.

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