No time frame for Calliope Coaches move

YESTERDAY there was still no answer as to whether Calliope Coaches will relocate to Muirhead Street.

A spokesperson for the company said while the move had been approved by Calliope Shire Council (CSC), there was no set time frame for a decision.

"There's a lot to be taken into consideration because there is a lot of money involved,'' she said.

The spokesperson said while she understood many had voiced concerns on the proposed new facility, others thought Muirhead Street was an ideal spot.

"I had a comment from one local who said it was a bit like people who move in beside airports and then want the planes to move.

However, resident Edna Margaret Hillier said an objection petition with 189 signatures had been supplied to council against the move.

She added that 29 residents from the area where the depot is currently located had also supplied a petition stating it was dangerous in a residential area.

"They should go on the outskirts of town like other heavy mechanical businesses and not in the middle of it,'' she said.

"Who's going to compensate me for my health and home and all the other poor buggers that are going to smell, hear and see this depot''?

However, Calliope Shire Council chief executive officer Graeme Kanofski said there was no need for concern over the site being contaminated.

"It is listed on the state contaminated land register,'' Mr Kanofski said, naming arsenic and oils as possible contaminants.

"A depot or workshop is one of the things you can put on it. You can't put things like residences or daycares or kindergartens there.

When asked about the possibility sealing the site would require groundwork, Mr Kanofski said it was "totally irrelevant''.

The Calliope Coaches spokesperson said moving to the outskirts of town was unviable because of "by the kilometre'' government contracts.

Calliope Coaches will have to pay for sealing the site, a landscape buffer and make a sizeable contribution to council's sewerage, water and road funds.

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