No need for more prostitutes


LEGAL brothel owner Rhonda Dawson said her establishment had no need for more prostitutes.

This was in response to an announcement by Queensland Premier Peter Beattie that brothels may be be allowed to have three extra prostitutes in each brothel.

Currently each brothel is allowed only five rooms and only five prostitutes.

"All of them (the prostitutes) live in and as we work nights we have plenty of time to go shopping,'' she said.

Mr Beattie said he would adopt the recommendation of the Crime and Misconduct Commission to ease the restriction and therefore allow the brothel workers to have a break between clients.

"It's not like down south here where you get tourists coming in and out,'' said Ms Dawson, who owns Whispers in Paradise.

She said a big proportion of the clients for her establishment was men from the mining areas.

She said at this time the brothel did not operate during daylight hours because her establishment did not have a fence to provide privacy for the clients.

"But when we get the fence, we will be able to open 24 hours a day,'' she said.

This week Mr Beattie also ordered an investigation into a Queensland teacher who was moonlighting as a prostitute, even though she had not acted illegally.

He said he was considering strengthening legislation to make all public servants gain approval from management for a second job. "I don't believe the community standard is that if you're a school teacher, you should also be a sex worker,'' he said. But Ms Dawson, who said she knew the teacher involved, said any action against her would not be legal.

"Mr Beattie should not be trying to stop public servants working in the sex industry,'' she said.

"After all, it is a legal industry.''

Queensland's Anti-Discrimination Commissioner Susan Booth said it was illegal to discriminate against a person on the basis of lawful sexual activity.

"I'd remind government that that is the law in Queensland and what teachers do in their own private time is very difficult to regulate,'' she said.

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