No cost for damage spree

A GLADSTONE youth who caused nearly $3000 damage to Gladstone businesses in a drunken rage, will not have to pay for repairs.

The 17-year-old man pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court yesterday to seven charges of wilful damage, one of public nuisance and one of depositing injurious matter on roads.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Graham Seabrook said police were called to the Mobil petrol station about 2am on August 15 where staff were worried for their safety because the defendant was yelling and throwing his skateboard.

Sgt Seabrook said police found the defendant at a roadworks site shortly after.

He later admitted to being a public nuisance.

The police prosecutor said five street signs were found torn apart and thrown on the road and cars had to swerve to avoid the signs.

During the night the defendant also damaged an electric sign advertising a Goondoon Street business, damaged two lights and a security camera outside another Gladstone business and damaged another electric sign at a third business.

Sgt Seabrook said the defendant also damaged three lights and a section of roofing at a fourth business, damaged another three lights at an office, and another six lights and a ceiling panel were damaged at another office.

A light and fibroboard were damaged at another business.

Sgt Seabrook said the defen-dant's reason was that he was drunk and angry on the night.

The damage caused by his skateboard amounted to just more than $2700.

Sgt Seabrook requested the defendant pay restitution to the businesses for the damage.

However, defence lawyer Stacey O'Gorman, said the man was an unemployed TAFE student living at home and suffered from a drug-induced psychosis for which he had not taken his medication on the night.

The magistrate said she was concerned about the approp-riateness of ordering the man to complete community service and instead gave him a 12-month probation term with the condition he complete an anger management course, a cognitive skills course and a relapse prevention program.

Sgt Seabrook inquired about a restitution order and the magistrate said she was not ordering the man to pay restitution because he had no income.

Sgt Seabrook requested a full transcript of the case.

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