New port road law angers

JOHN Clark wants to know why fuel trucks can still use Flinders Parade to access the port facility despite the Port Access Road be- ing open.

Tomorrow new maritime secu- rity measures will mean most heavy vehicles are removed from Flinders Parade, but the measures will not yet apply to fuel trucks.

Mr Clark, a Gladstone resident, posed his question to the Central Queensland Ports Authority (CQPA) hoping for a clear expla- nation.

'The question is what is it about the fuel trucks that exempts them from it?' Mr Clark said.

'Why are some people using it (the Port Access Road) and not others?'

Mr Clark said the amount of time spent planning the Port Access Road should have also been enough time for the authority to come up with a solution to the fuel trucks.

In the past the CQPA maintained that the fuel trucks required access to the port via Flinders Parade due to security issues.

The issue is expected to be dealt with later in the year, allowing the fuel trucks to also use the Port Access Road. A public notice issued by the CQPA yesterday stated:

'As from Friday April 8, 2005, access to Auckland Point wharf centres will occur only via the Port Access Road and Mark Fenton Drive connection.

'The existing access points at Flinders Parade and McLintock Street will be secured by locked gates.'

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