New pipeline to save megalitres

THE Stag Creek pipeline was a contentious issue in Gladstone during the recent drought when residents realised water was being drained from Awoonga Dam to be taken to Callide Dam.

The main issue was that a significant amount of the water was being wasted through seepage and evaporation on its way along the open creek. But a pipeline has now been completed, which is predicted to save an estimated 3000 megalitres of water every year.

The $19 million pipeline, which took nine months to construct, carries water from Awoonga Dam for use by the Callide Power Station.

The joint project, between CS Energy, InterGen Australia and SunWater, will eliminate natural water losses previously experienced in the open delivery of water to the power station.

CS Energy chief executive Mark Chatfield said it was vital to the region that strategies were put in place to manage water resources for the long term.

'We are conscious that as a major water user in the state we need to lead the way and have employed best-practice technology to conserve water in our new power stations,' he said.

'We are also investigating the use of recycled water in other power stations around Queensland.'

SunWater chief executive officer Peter Noonan said the project represented a significant investment in the reliable supply of water for the future and highlighted the increasing focus on one of Australia's most valuable natural resources.

'The new pipeline will reduce seepage and evaporation and enable efficient distribution of water to industrial customers,' Mr Noonan said.

The pipeline is designed to carry about 27,500 megalitres of water 15km from Stag Creek Gorge along Callide Creek to Callide Dam every year.

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