Nasty killer virus reappears in town


A NASTY killer is in town and nothing is safe from it. No dog, that is!

The parvo virus has reared its head in Gladstone once again. Dr Scott McAuley from the Sun Valley veterinary clinic said three cases of puppies with the parvo virus had appeared this week.

'In the past two weeks we have had an increase in the number of puppies coming to the surgery with the parvo virus,' he said.

Dr McAuley said the virus was particularly resistant and could lay dormant in the ground for up to a year.

"It leaches into the soil from dog vomit and faeces, and lies there until a good amount of rain falls and then gets transferred when we walk over the area or drive over it.

'There are enough dogs in the region who haven't been vaccinated against the virus to keep it going.'

Dr McAuley said the vi-rus particularly targeted puppies. "Signs of the disease usually appear 4-14 days after exposure and include loss of appetite, vomiting and blood-streaked diarrhoea and quickly progresses to dehydration and death.

Dr McAuley said the best prevention to the disease was to have your pet vaccinated.

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