Murder victim ?a larrikin

DRESSED in brown, hair tied back in a short ponytail, accused murderer Robert William Budd sat in the dock for the second day of his committal hearing.

Budd has been accused of murdering Rogan Philip Matthews in January last year.

Gladstone Magistrates Court was given an impression of Matthews, the victim, when witness Shane Stockwell, 30, described him during further cross-examination yesterday.

'He's a bit of a larrikin,'' Stock-well said.

'His place was always getting raided ? he was always in trouble.

'I don't think too many people would have been afraid of him.''

Defence solicitor Michael McMillan's cross-examination of Stockwell began again yesterday.

He reminded Stockwell he had been adamant he had fired into the air after Budd.

Mr McMillan then read Stockwell's second statement to police back to him.

'I was just hoping to hit the back of the car so he wouldn't get away.'

Mr McMillan read from Stockwell's statement.

'I shot at the car.'

Stockwell defended his omission and vagueness of details.

'I was pretty sorta spun out,'' Stockwell said.

'Yeah, I thought I could have got in trouble.'

Mr McMillan asked Stockwell if the reason he only mentioned firing his gun in the second statement was because he spoke to Clint Skarfe, the third man present on the night with Budd, Stockwell and Matthews.

Stockwell said he had seen Skarfe when he went to the pub after giving his first statement.

Stockwell said he and Skarfe returned to Matthews' home a day later.

He said he woke up and found Skarfe deceased.

Skarfe's death was not relevant to the hearing.

Mr McMillan asked Stockwell whether his purpose of returning to Matthew's home was to move the shells that remained from firing his gun after Budd to a different place.

Stockwell said he couldn't find the shells and had assumed police collected them and knew about his actions and this was why he amended his statement.

A number of other witnesses were called. The hearing will continue on March 20.

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