Miriam Vale Shire budget fights land value rises

MIRIAM Vale Shire Council has spread its rating structure to spare coastal residents the brunt of whopping land valuation increases.

Miriam Vale Mayor Tom Jeffery said the council had to set the year's rates in the face of an average land valuation increase of 126 per cent ranging 50 per cent to 300 per cent.

"In the new budget 83 per cent of the residents can expect to pay between zero and a $1000 increase in rates this year,'' he said. "About 16 per cent will pay less in rates than they did last year.''

Mr Jeffery said the greatest rises were in the 1770/Agnes Water and other coastal areas of the shire.

"To ensure that some ratepayers are not hit with large increases in rates, council's methodology has been changed to ensure they have been kept to a minimum.''

He said the total budget was more than $35 million, up about $6 million on last year.

The council expects rate revenue will increase to $6.5 million above the previous budget, "up around six per cent in real terms''.

He said major undertakings in the budget included: Continuing development of waste management facilities throughout the shire ? $230,000; Continuing low cost seal program and resheeting program ? $1.24 million; Agnes Water flood mitiga-tion ? $1.3 million; Completion of sealing the Turkey Beach Road ? $327,000; and Improving facilities in parks and reserves throughout the shire.

"Growth in coastal areas will require further development of water and sewerage infrastructure with expenditure for the Agnes Water/1770 water and sewerage systems in the order of $2.8 million for water reticulation and around $3.1 million in new sewer mains and treatment works.

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