Miriam Vale goes water wise

By GLEN PORTEOUSglenp@gladstoneobserver.dyndns.org

WATER conservation and preservation is high on the Miriam Vale Shire Council priority list.

The council is taking serious progressive steps towards saving this vital natural resource.

One of the first steps to be taken is a desalination plant.

The plant, the same size as a shipping container, will be able to process seawater into fresh water to be stored in a local reservoir.

One of the main engineers working on this project, Rod Slacksmith said this was part of the council's Water Supply Strategy.

"The plant can process about one megalitre (one million litres) of water a day,'' Mr Slacksmith said.

The desalination plant will be situated on Springs Road next to the Water Treatment Plant.

Miriam Vale Shire Mayor Tom Jeffery said he was keen to get the desalination project up and running.

"We have consultants coming with reports now and hopefully it will be up and running 2007,'' Mr Jeffery said.

Mr Jeffery also said locals ha d been good with helping with water preservation.

Due to the increase in population at 1770, water is becoming such a scarce resource that measures have to be taken to preserve it.

During the desalination plant's construction, bores at 1770 will be utilised as a short-term stop measure.

Also the current council policy of houses and flats having rain water storage tanks built has proven to help with water conservation.

"Dwellings built must have a rain water tank of 22,000 litres built and units 16,000 litres,'' Mr Slacksmith said.

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