Microchipping may reduce number of destroyed cats

By ALLAN McNEILallanm@gladstoneobserver.com.au

GLADSTONE City Council will investigate microchipping cats in the city as part of its animal management program.

At last week's council meeting the results of a meeting held with local veterinarians were reported.

Council health manager Ron Doherty said the discussion was held to determine the reason for the high number of animals being destroyed at the Gladstone pound.

"Council has been asking for quite a while, 'what do we need to look at regarding the high numbers of pets being destroyed at the pound?','' Mr Doherty said.

However, Mr Doherty said the findings from the meeting indicated owners within Gladstone were doing the right thing and the animals at the pound may be coming from outside of the city.

"Residential properties are gener-ally doing the right thing, but the rural properties outside the city and even inside the city have less control,'' Mr Doherty said.

Mr Doherty said many residents were unaware that the council had a microchip reader. He said a report would now investigate ways to encourage owners to insert microchips into their cats as a way to track them.

Other options to come out of the meeting included the installation of a video camera and record sheet at the pound in order to determine where the dumped pets originated from.

Last year 842 dogs and 877 cats went through the Gladstone pound. Of those 638 dogs and 860 cats had to be destroyed.

Another 71 dogs and 41 cats had to be destroyed after being dumped in the Calliope Shire.

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