Marg?s kids make their own fun on holiday

GLADSTONE mother of six Marg Keefe is living proof you can keep kids busy during the holidays without breaking the bank.

With children aged from six to 16, including one child with a disability, stay-at-home mum Marg said her children quite often relied on their own company for entertainment.

'They've all got really good imaginations so they'll play together,' she said.

'They'll play games, do craft, go to the park, have friends over or I'll take them to the beach.'

Having a child with a disability means the family is limited in the type of activities it can do.

Marg said as a special outing each holidays, she and husband Andrew take the kids to the movies.

'Normally I can't just pack up and go, but having the option of respite care for one week these holidays will enable us to do things with the other children,' she said.

'Holidays are about spending time together. You don't have to spend money to have a good time.'

Working parents Mike and Erin Phillips try to make the most of the holidays for their two boys, aged seven and 11, by each taking at least one week off.

'These holidays we are taking turns at having a week off so the boys can relax at home,' Erin said.

'While this works out great for the kids and does reduce the cost of outside care, the downside is that Mike and I don't get much time off together ? just one week at Christmas.'

When the boys cannot spend the holidays with their parents, they usually attend the Gladstone PCYC's vacation care program.

'Last Christmas we actually paid for Mike's mum to fly out from New Zealand to spend a week with the kids and because all of their friends were going to the PCYC, they wanted to go too.

'So poor Nanna had to stay at home by herself! I certainly don't think the kids think they miss out on anything because we work.'

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