Man on drugs in crime spree

A MAN involved in drugs went on a crime spree before rehabilitating himself and starting up a dance troupe, Gladstone Magistrates Court heard.

Darren Edward Foster, 34, pleaded guilty in court last Thursday to 10 charges including breaching bail, stealing, unlawful entry of cars, break and enter, fraud and receiving stolen property.

Foster's Brisbane resi-dence was searched by police on February 22, 2001, shortly after the offences were committed. A number of personal papers, rollerblades, a camera, binoculars, a helmet and gloves were found that had been stolen from people's cars in early 2001.

The defendant had also stolen a TV, computer, printer and other items from people he stayed with and neighbours which he tried to pawn.

Foster broke into another car by smashing a window on January 6 and taking a handbag, however he left a softdrink can in the car and his fingerprints helped police find him.

Foster's defence solicitor Mr Studdard said Foster had no criminal history until this crime spree that lasted about three months in early 2001 when he was a heavy drug user.

He said Foster rehabilitated himself and moved to Perth where he started a dance troupe which travelled overseas.

Foster breached bail when he didn't appear for court in 2001 and was only picked up by police when he visited Benaraby to see family.

Magistrate Joan White ordered Foster 12 months probation and did not record a conviction.

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