Man faces rape trial

A 15-year-old girl was allegedly grabbed and dragged by her hair behind the old post office on Yarroon Street early last year and raped twice.

The trial of Gladstone man Hoane Joseph Kahu, accused of the alleged rape, began yesterday in Gladstone District Court. He pleaded not guilty to two counts of rape.

Senior Crown prosecutor Justin Whalley presented the jury with the scenario of what happened on March 5 and early March 6, the night of the alleged incident.

The court heard the girl had a "couple of sips'' of rum and coke before heading out with two male friends and then drank a little of other alcoholic drinks at a CBD licensed venue.

However a "tiff'' between her and a friend led to the three leaving the venue and walking to the waterfront, according to one of the friends called as a witness.

The witness said the other man involved in the tiff left shortly after.

The witness said he and the victim talked about why she was upset before.

THEY headed up Goondoon Street on opposite sides of the road. The man said he last saw her still walking up the street. Mr Whalley heard she crossed Goondoon Street and headed down Yarroon Street.

"As she was walking down she saw a male person walking up towards her,'' Mr Whalley said.

Mr Whalley said she tried to ignore him and walked with her head down.

"He bumped into her,'' Mr Whalley said.

"He pulled her by the hair and dragged her behind the post office.''

Mr Whalley said the man allegedly dragged the victim up a stairwell on to a platform on the stairs and raped her.

"She tried to pull away but she was scared,'' Mr Whalley said.

He said the first charge of rape occurred when he forced himself on the girl in sexual intercourse.

"Then he flipped her over so she was on her hands and knees,'' Mr Whalley said.

Mr Whalley said this was when the second count of rape, sodomy, occurred.

He said the man then jumped the railings.

The girl had never met the man before and there was no conversation between them, according to Mr Whalley.

"She remembers his rotten tooth and that he smelled of alcohol,'' Mr Whalley said.

"She didn't want any of it to happen.''

Meanwhile, the court heard two friends had been looking for her. They had met up and, after several attempts, got in contact with her after the alleged incident.

"I don't know where I am, I think I've been raped,'' Mr Whalley reported the girl as saying.

The witness said they found her shortly after on the front steps of the post office.

"She was just lying on the steps in a little ball,'' he said. "She was half crying, half really upset.''

The friends gathered what was wrong and police were waved down and the girl was taken to hospital.

In cross-examination it was suggested to the witness the girl had drunk a considerable amount, which the witness denied. The trial continues today.

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