Main street to return to two lanes


GOONDOON Street will become a two-laned thoroughfare under the CBD redevelopment plans.

The one lane section from William to Roseberry Street will return to two lanes as it was many years ago.

Gladstone mayor Peter Corones said returning the main street to two lanes would help open up the flow of traffic.

"The whole idea is to return Goondoon Street to a two lane carriage way,'' Mr Corones said.

The proposal comes as a result of a traffic study done by CBD redevelopment consultants TTM.

The report said the two laning of the entire Goondoon Street would help improve both pedestrian and road traffic.

Business owners in the area are happy to see it be converted to two lanes.

Owner of Leather Souls, Sue Henderson thought the proposal was a good idea.

"It will be better for the CBD,'' she said. "There will be better flow of people and traffic.

Kelly Cavanagh of Divas and Dolls agreed, but was concerned what affect it would have on business during construction.

"I think it's a good idea, but I'm a bit worried about what will happen during construction,'' Ms Cavanagh said.

She said in the long term however the two laning would create a better flow of traffic in the CBD.

Principal of Massey Real Estate, Roslyn Massey said something definitely needed to be done.

Ms Massey said they constantly received complaints from clients about the lack of accessibility and parking in the area.

"Something needs to be done, people are always complaining about the access and lack of parking,'' Ms Massey said.

At present it is proposed the one laning is done as part of stage three of the CBD redevelopment.

However Mr Corones said Council would look to do the two laning sooner as it impeding to the traffic in the CBD.

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