Liquid damages woman's car


'HOW would you feel if it happened to your car?,' is the question being asked by Sheree Betts.

Ms Betts was the victim of senseless vandalism when an unkown liquid substance was splashed against her car.

Ms Betts said her partner, a taxi driver, borrowed the car to go to his employer's home in Auckland Street to begin a night shift on Wednesday.

She said when he finished his night shift he noticed a big puddle next to the car.

"My partner had finished his night shift and he noticed a big puddle on the ground and splash marks on the car,'' Ms Betts said.

The area hit by the unknown substance was across the bonnet, right hand front guard and driver's side door. Whatever the substance was, it has left indelible marks on the car.

'I have tried to wash the car, but had no luck and whatever it was it has bleached the paint,' Ms Betts said.

Ms Betts did not recognise what the substance was but said it smelled similar to petrol.

'What they used was green with a petrol type smell and there was a fair amount tipped on the car,' she said.

Ms Betts said she could not believe something like this would happen in a place like Gladstone.

'I was upset and couldn't believe it, this is Gladstone, I don't expect things like that to happen here,' Ms Betts said.

She said the incident happened some time overnight on Wednesday and she had reported it to the police.

Gladstone Police Senior Constable Peter Stone said while it was a rare occurrence, it was not unheard of in Gladstone. He recommended residents parked their car on their property or under a light.

'It's a lot safer if it can be seen and it's in a well-lit, secure area,' Snr Const Stone said.

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