Legends battle it out forsick kids

By NATALIE PEUTnataliep@gladstoneobserver.dyndns.org

LAUGHTER is the best medicine ? this is the motto of Camp Quality which brings fun and laughter into the lives of many children who suffer from cancer.

The Gladstone Observer's ANZAC Legends match is dedicating funds to keep the cheer and laughter going at Camp Quality with proceeds being donated to the Central Queensland branch.

Benaraby resident Glenda Cordwell has spent the last six years as a companion for Camp Quality.

To Glenda quality of life for these kids was the most important to her.

Glenda said her inspiration to join as a companion came after losing a number of people tragically to cancer.

'The goal for a companion is to ensure that the campers laugh and have a lot of fun,' she said.

'It is a very gratifying to hear the children (and adults) laughing, and enjoying themselves. The looks on the children's faces are priceless, as they participate in various activities.'

Glenda said it was rewarding to know that these children were forming memories of 'special times'.

'These children and their families have been through so much in their tiny lives and if we can allow these children to have some fun and laughter then we can be truly grateful,' she said.

Glenda said as a companion she has got to know a lot of the kids.

'I have lost a camper to cancer, which was very hard to deal with,' she said in despair.

'As a companion we have the responsibility of the child camper for 24 hours a day, while we are on the camp.

'We participate in all activities with the campers, and continue to maintain contact with them after the camp.'

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