Kids keen to try new Xbox 360


MANY Gladstonites will be moving with the action on the television screen when they hook up their new Xbox 360 today.

Ben Marsh was certainly excited about the launch, but although he hasn't pre-purchased his, he is like many other kids still in the begging process with his parents.

Ben said the Xbox was so cool.

"I really like the graphics in them, the buttons are touchier and they have cool controllers,'' he said.

"The new Xbox has some cool and exciting games. "If I had one I'd be playing it all the time.''

He said on the other Xboxes and PlayStations, he liked the sport and action games.

"I like being able to play against other people with the sport and shooting and stuff in the action ones,'' he said.

"My friends all reckon they are going to get one, well that's if their mums let them.''

Ben said he was working on his mum to buy him the new Xbox.

"I will certainly try and get Mum to buy it for me,'' he said.

Ben's older brother Luke believed the graphics were the best part of the new machine.

"I love being competitive and playing against someone,'' he said.

"The new Xbox is going to be great and I would love to get one.''

Harvey Norman franchisee Wayne Sutherland said the Xbox would be selling fast today.

"We will have people lining up at the door at 9am to pick up their new machine,'' he said.

"We have pre-sold the majority of our order, but we will still have some available for tomorrow.

"They are a fantastic machine.

"The Xbox covers a wide variety of other technology in one machine.

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