Iris answers environmental call


IRIS Cosgrove has helped revive creeks, plant trees and frozen hundreds of cane toads.

Iris' environmental work stems from a passion for the environment and a dislike of fat, poison-oozing, frog-killing cane toads.

Iris said she encouraged everyone to pitch in for the environment 'in any little way you can' especially with World Environment Day falling tomorrow.

'We get a group together in summer in the cane toad breeding season and go out to the duck ponds,'' Iris said.

'We could pick up about 500 toads and I've been back recently and you can really see the results

'The different species of frogs are popping their heads up again and it's really rewarding.''

Cane toads aren't to everyone's taste but this Sunday's EcoFest will provide Gladstone residents with ways to ensure the city 's environment is in tip-top condition.

Iris said she had enjoyed re-generating bush land around the BMX track because it was something that everyone could benefit from.

'We started working on the bush at the BMX track about eight years ago and cleaned up the creek which used to be a terrible black slurry,' Iris said.

"It's looking really good now and, although it still needs a bit of care now and then, it's really fun.

'It's something the whole family can get into.'

With 80 per cent of the world living in urban areas, Iris said the country attitude to the environment she was brought up in, needed to be something city kids understood too.

'In our family we're really water conscious,' Iris said.

'In the garden we have native trees and we recycle everything from cardboard to cans by saving it up and recycling it at the dump ? they have a good recycling system.

'You've got to start somewhere and the little things add up to the big things.

'If the kids want a future we've got to do something now.'

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