I'm at my wit's end

By REN LANZONrlanzon@gladstoneobserver.com.au

"I fear for the safety of my children''.

These were the words of a distressed mother who rang The Observer this week, desperately seeking support to protect her children.

But the danger she expressed in tears over the phone did not come from an outsider, but from herself.

The distraught mother warned that if she did not receive help she might be a danger to her own children ? one aged two and the other a baby.

"I was diagnosed with post natal depression two weeks ago, but I've tried everywhere, and there is no one to help me in Gladstone,'' she said.

"I am at my wit's end ? I know there is an issue and that I need treatment. "I've tried the Department of Families, Mental Health and Women's Health and all are swamped.

"All I've got is a packet of pills, but they are not much good to me.''

The woman would not give her name or her phone number and eventually she hung up.

A spokeswoman for Gladstone District Health manager Robyn Goffe said there were a number of avenues for women with post natal depression seeking assistance.

These included child health services, social workers and mental health services as well as private consultants.

About one in five women suffer effects of post natal depression, but those who most need help may not be in a state to seek it.

But yesterday Boyne Island's Tanya Rann, who had been through the same ordeal as the unidentified caller, said she knew what the woman was going through.

Her message to the woman is ? there is hope and there is help.

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