Healthy menu eats into tuckshop profits


HEALTHY menus may eat into the money making capacity of school tuckshops.

The biggest revenue raiser for many schools may lose out when the new healthy action plan kicks in on July 1.

Gladstone State High School tuckshop convener Ju lie Thurston said the school was gearing up for the transition.

'We have green, amber and red sections,'' she said.

'Obviously red is bad food which will be allowed every now and then.

'The change of menu will mean no pies, soft drinks, confectionery.'

Julie said the menu would be changed slowly.

'We already have a pretty healthy menu, but we won't be able to cook pies and have soft drink every day as of next year.

'The tuckshop makes a lot of money for the school.

'We raised around $60,000 last year for the school and this year around $45,000 to $50,000. This year we put on another worker for the tuckshop.'

Julie said the new menu and healthy food legislation would have an effect on money raised for the school.

'At the moment we are selling healthy food rock cheap, but next year we will have to look at up pricing everything, because we won't have the lollies and soft drink margin to fall back on,' she said.

'I think the changes will help the eating habits of some children ? but from a personal point of view they are young adults and they can make their own choices.'

She said the year 12s were old enough to drive, so should be old enough to make their own decisons on food.

'The biggest problem is that most students get dropped off at the Night Owl Centre, so they might stock up on lollies and soft drinks,' she said. She said on wet days the pies certainly would be most missed.

'We do need some changes and we hope they will help the eating habits of some children,' Julie said.

'The change will have us working an extra hour a day to prepare.'

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