Health inspector checks on QAL site


WORKPLACE Health and Safety personnel inspected conditions at QAL yesterday following reports of raw sewage in the worker's lunchroom and amenities.

Union delegate Tony Wroe said the inspection covered all the areas in dispute.

'We took workplace health and safety inspector Greg Moran to section one, the main change house, section three and the remote amenity blocks,' Mr Wroe said.

'In the last two days the company has carried out some cleaning of the blocks and there were a few cosmetic changes.

'Tap handles had been replaced and some of the ducting in the main amenities block has been installed.'

Mr Wroe said QAL had giv-en a commitment to repair some of the amenity blocks.

'We have been informed the amenities block toilet in section one will be fixed and the main amenities block will be upgraded,' Mr Wroe said.

'QAL have told us the work will begin next week.'

Mr Wroe said he was pleased that some repair work was being done on the amenities blocks.

'It took our strike action this week to get some movement out of management,' he said.

Members of the Australian Metal Workers Union (AMWU) went on strike this week for two days in protest over unsanitary conditions.

Workers claimed that they have had to walk through raw sewage in some of the amenities blocks just to wash their hands.

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