Gladstone?s growth totals $16 billion


GLADSTONE is a $16 billion city. That was the total value of infrastructure and facilities being built or planned in the region in the past 12 months. The figure, showing the strength of the re- gion, came from the latest Glad- stone area project status report.

It indicated a $2 billion increase on the last report released in September last year. As usual industrial growth made up a large percentage of projects under construction or planned for the region.

Projects such as the Aldoga Alu- minium Smelter and numerous coal mine expansions were among industrial projects mentioned in the report. However, Gladstone Area Pro- motion and Development Limited (GAPDL) general manager Danial Rochford said the industrial pro- jects in the report were also sup- ported by those in the fields of community and infrastructure.

'It's very positive that the in- frastructure is also acknowledged in the report,' Mr Rochford said.

Projects under construction within the infrastructure catego- ry included road network up- grades such as Kirkwood Road and Callemondah Overpass.

The infrastructure projects be- ing investigated but not yet fina- lised also painted a positive pic- ture, with items such as the Fitzroy River Pipeline and second Boyne River Bridge mentioned. Mr Rochford also pointed to several community, tourism and accommodation projects which were strengthening local pros- pects and supporting the industri- al growth.

'The strength in the region is underpinned by Gladstone's in- dustrial strength, but we are see- ing significant investment in in- frastructure and tourism to support it,' Mr Rochford said.

Residential sub-divisons, unit blocks and shopping complexes are just some of the community and accommodation projects planned, helping blaze a trail for the Gladstone region.

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