Girl claims drink spiking


DANCING on the dance floor was the last thing a local girl could remember after she claimed her drink was spiked in a club in Gladstone last week.

The girl, who wished not to be named, was put into intensive care after only one-and-a-half drinks.

She said all she could remember was waking up in intensive care. The rest was a blur.

"The doctors drug-tested me, but nothing appeared to have been in my system,'' she said.

"But the doctors said I had enough alcohol in my system to kill me, and one-and-a-half drinks shouldn't do that.''

Despite The Observer being told of as many as 10 cases of drink spiking over the weekend, local police and doctors yesterday said most cases in the past showed nothing but the excess of alcohol were to blame or not reported.

Doctor Mottarelly said very few drink spiking cases were caused by drugs being placed in drinks on a night out.

"In almost all cases the girls are screened for drugs and the majority come up with nothing,'' he said.

He said although there were a few cases where the most common drug, cannabis, showed up, the others were simply too much alcohol.

Gladstone Police Senior Sergeant Leigh Burt agreed with Doctor Mottarelly, that excess of alcohol was the main cause for the complaint.

He said this year there was a very minimal amount of alleged drink spiking reported to the police.

Snr Sgt Burt said drink spiking was a very serious offence.

"It is important that girls who believe their drink was spiked, to get up to the hospital as soon as possible and get blood-tested,'' he said.

"Then if there is evidence of drugs, they should request that their doctor reports it straight to the police.''

Snr Sgt Burt said drink spiking could affect people in very different ways, and was potentially life threatening.

"We take a drink-spiking allegations very seriously, and four days later is too late,'' he said.

"It needs to be reported straight away.

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