Garth has coolest job in town


HEAT, what heat? Garth O'Hagan only knows about it when he has to go home from work.

Every morning Garth rugs up for another day at work as a third and final year apprentice butcher in the new Gladstone Central IGA store's butchery. While the rest of us may slowly dissolve in rivers of sweat in today's expected 32 degrees, Garth will be going about his job in a workroom that rarely rises above 12 degrees centigrade.

'I have the coolest job in Gladstone,' says Garth, 22. 'I love the cold and I hate going out again into the heat.'

It's just as well that he likes the cold too, because when he enters the cold room among the sides and quarters of beef and other beasts, the temperature hovers around one or two degrees.

That's no problem, says Garth.

'Actually, there are some days when I can't wait to get to work just to cool off,' he said.

Yesterday the weather bureau said the hot weather would continue for the next few days. The only comfort was that a lot of other places would be much hotter.

Ann Farrell of the meteo- rological bureau's records section said often the mini- mum temperatures were a better indicator of heat trends than maximum tem- peratures.

She said Gladstone has just had four nights of mini- mum temperatures that were quite high, no cooler than 24.8 degrees. But Gladstone has had those kind of temperatures before.

'It's not that unusual for Gladstone at this time of year to have high maxi- mums and minimums,'' she said.

'However, the high tem- peratures have come quite early in the summer and there is likely to be a few more hot days going into January and maybe even into February.'

The message is keep cool. This applies mainly to the very young and the elderly who are most at risk in the current conditions.

Heat illnesses usually de- velop slowly over a day or two of very hot weather and extra care should be taken over prolonged hot periods.

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