Future for rugby league rosy in Gladstone

By GREGOR MACTAGGARTmactaggartg@gladstoneobserver.com.au

THE FUTURE for rugby league in the Gladstone region appears to be bright after a strong response to a special forum at the Gladstone Leagues Club yesterday.

The forum conducted by Sports and Recreation professional Crystal McGregor attracted coaches, players, officials, development officers and administrators, who discussed the future of rugby league in Gladstone.

McGregor was looking for submissions at the forum as she develops an encompassing three to five year plan for Rugby League at all levels - both on and off the field.

Key areas looked at for improvement in the local region include the communication between all parties and identifying ways to improve that and addressing a lack of volunteers - a problem most sports are facing.

McGregor mentioned these two areas are very important if the sport is to progress down the track.

'We have to be smart about how we look at the way we communicate at all levels - everyone has an impact in this area.

'There is also a major need to get volunteers involved and the way clubs get them - a more one on one approach seems to have greater results than in formal settings,' McGregor said.

She also said it was important to get families back to games, something that has been falling over recent years.

'It is crucial to get families back for the game to be strong in Gladstone,' she said.

The draft plan will be distributed throughout all the clubs and Crystal is looking forward to heading in the right direction.

'If everyone can work together, the benefits are going to be there to seen.'

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