Fashion an individual statement

WHAT are fashion trends today? Have they become an issue, or is it basically the new style? According to 16-yearolds Chantell Harland and Rebecca Potts, fashion is all about the individual style and comfort.

Rebecca was one to tell about her own individual fashion. She said she believed the clothes people wore explained something about their personality.

'What you wear tends to be what people percieve you as, for example if you dress repectiably, they look at you as a respectable person and if you dress tarty and that will be the way they look at you,' Rebecca said.

She said she was a person for comfort.

'I love to be comfortable, I prefer to wear a skirt or simply a pair of jeans and a T-shirt so I am not continually fixing myself up,' she said.

While Chantell is also a teenager who enjoys comfort, she doesn't mind wearning clothes with labels on the front like the one she has on in the picture.

She said she never wore a T-shirt that would say 'Kiss me, my boyfriend's away'.

However she said she didn't mind wearing ones like the one she had on, or others that had cool and slangy sayings.

The two girls also stated that when going out they didn't mind looking a little bit older.

Chantell said when she goes out, she wants to look great.

'Of course like any teenager, when I go out I want to look only a little bit older than I am,' she said.

Fashion designer Tanya Dunnet said it was important for teenagers to look and feel great.

'These teenagers need to keep to their individual style, and wear what they want to, and not copy anyone else,' she said.

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