Facility set to plug in

By REN LANZONrlanzon@gladstoneobserver.dyndns.org

THE $6.5 million Blue Care's 'Edenvale' Aged Care Facility only needs to be plugged in to power to open its doors to people who are desperate to move in.

The high care facility, a co-operation between Blue Care and Bindaree Lodge, was expected to open early in 2006.

However, the local Blue Care committee is now expecting Edenvale will not now open for several more weeks.

The committee's chairman, John Cathcart, said there were plans to stage an official opening about this time, but that has had to be deferred.

The hold-up has been in preparatory work for the laying of underground cables and conduits to provide the electricity supply.

Yesterday Ergon Energy's corporate communications manager Bob Pleash said Ergon had to wait for the completion of civil works, over which it had no control, before it could complete its own servicing.

The work included trenching for the cables and conduits. "Next week we expect to carry out final inspection of the civil works to ensure they have been carried out to the required standard,'' he said.

"After that we will be in a position to reschedule our part of the work.''

He said there were many demands being placed on Ergon at this time because of the current developmental growth in Gladstone.

However, he said Ergon would "reschedule'' the Edenvale work so that the facility could open as soon as possible.

Edenvale project manager Neil Pfeffer said he understood that Ergon had experienced some delays.

"We would like to believe that Ergon will, in rescheduling its work, recognise an urgent community need for Edenvale and provide electricity to the site as soon as practicable,'' he said.

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