Eisteddfod and works may congest traffic

By REN LANZONrlanzon@gladstoneobserver.com.au

PARKING could be tight for the next few weeks, but main street operators don't appear to mind.

The Gladstone Eisteddfod opens today and is expected to draw hundreds of people each day until September 16, putting pressure on parking near the Gladstone Entertainment Centre.

Goondoon Street operator Peter Richardson of Richardson's Realty said customers and city centre employees should be prepared to put up with a little inconvenience for the sake of the eisteddfod. "I will be asking my employees to find some parking spot away from here ? there should be some not too far away,' he said.

"There may be some inconvenience, but this is an important event for the city and it would be selfish if we did not support it in this way.'

He said roadwork associated with the Library Square development, which might temporarily close the area between the library and the entertainment centre, would present some problems.

'Gladstone City Council should try to minimise delays by getting the job done promptly,' he said.

Dianne Burns of Dianne's Flowers said there was adequate parking in streets off the main street so she did not think parking would be too much of a problem.

"People may have to walk a little bit further, that's all,' she said.

Eisteddfod committee spokesman Noel Wootton said the council had agreed to maintain a three-minute limit people and equipment drop-off point to facilitate arrival and parking during the event.

Drivers will be required to remain in the vehicle to minimise traffic queues.

Mr Wootton said he did not expect the CBD roadworks would present too much difficulty for eisteddfod parking.

He said the council expected the redevelopment of Library Square would be completed in time for next year's Queensland Eisteddfod in Easter.

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