Dusty plans racing club revival

DUSTY Lindemann has been spending every moment possible at the Gladstone Turf Club with big plans to attract more races and prove the club viable.

As Gladstone Turf Club president, Dusty and the new committee have plans to give the facilities a facelift to lure more trainers.

'I saw this club 10 or 12 years ago and these stables were full and there was nowhere near the money then,' Mr Lindemann said.

Mr Lindemann said the committee had plans to improve security and the stables, mainly repairs, over the next 12 months.

'We want to entice more trainers here,' Mr Lindemann.

By attracting more trainers and gaining recognition from Queensland Racing, Mr Lindemann believes it can attract more races and trade itself out of debt.

'We are the major central country club here,' Mr Lindemann said.

The turf club has battled debt for several years and the prospect of selling and moving to another site, but finally he believes the future is looking brighter for the club.

'We inherited a lot of bad things,' Mr Lindemann said. "But we're turning a profit and paying our bills.

'If we prove ourselves viable we'll have a better chance of moving to Ashpond Seven,' Mr Lindemann said.

The committee fully realises the turf club's situation but is keen to see the club turn itself around and believe that has already started.

Eleven meetings will be held at the Ferguson Park racecourse this season.

The club members are fundraising through sponsorship and volunteers.

'We've had great help from volunteers,'Mr Lindemann said.

'They've been working on the gates, in the yards and in the canteen.

'We've got a lot ahead of ourselves. Everyone is working together.'

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