Driving range tees up tomorrow?s golf stars

By GLEN PORTEOUSglenp@gladstoneobserver.dyndns.org

AUSTRALIA'S next golfing legend could come from one of Gladstone's budding champions.

One of these budding champions could be hitting the ball around at the Wolves Soccer Club Driving Range.

One idea incorporated to help encourage new players is the cut down clubs given to youngsters.

Manager Brian Niven is keen to support these up and coming youngsters.

"Youngsters who show an interest are rewarded with one driver and three irons,'' Mr Niven said.

Mr Niven wants to introduce the youngsters to the sport and keep them off the streets.

"We have been doing this for four years and it helps to give the kids a hobby and help keep them out of trouble,'' Mr Niven said.

What Mr Niven also wants to do is help turn the sport into a family affair for everyone to enjoy.

"I like it when mums, dads and the kids all come out for a hit,'' Mr Niven said.

Support for this idea has been good with people coming forward with old second hand clubs and other equipment.

"Bill Webb from Calliope has given me a heap of glue and grips and people have just dropped in old sticks they don't use any more,'' Mr Niven said.

Mr Niven said there must be thousands of unused clubs laying around and not being used.

"Some of them are just put away and forgotten,'' Mr Niven said.

If anyone has any old sticks they don't use, they can either drop them off or phone Mr Niven on 0401 417485 and arrange a pickup.

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