Drivers dice with death at high speeds


THREE motorcyclists who taunted police with speeds of 137kph along the Bruce Highway were among an astonishing 329 drivers caught speeding in Gladstone in the past 12 days.

The 329 speedsters in Gladstone compared with 451 in the Rockhampton district.

Police were concentrating on road safety as part of their annual holiday blitz and Central Region Traffic co-ordinator Inspector Lyle Mitchell said he was was disappointed to see the results for the area.

'It's very disappointing because people aren't getting the message that speed kills you,' Inspector Mitchell said.

Inspector Mitchell said there was an attitude of 'we can still go as fast as we like.'

Some of the highest speeds recorded were from the motorcyclists clocked at 137kph in a 100kph zone.

Gladstone police tried to intercept the motorcyclists but the offenders sped away and police were unable to pursue because of high traffic volumes on the road.

The motorcyclists were caught after passing motorists alerted police to the offenders' licence plate numbers.

Insp Mitchell said a cross section of drivers had been caught speeding but the 17 to 24 age group were over- represented as speeding in casualty accidents.

Speeding tickets have been issued to 1466 Central Queensland drivers in the past 12 days compared to 793 tickets during the 12-day period a week earlier.

Insp Mitchell said more people were caught speeding over the holiday season, partly due to the increased patrols, the higher volume of traffic and because drivers were often rushing to their destination.

I'd be happy not to give out half as many tickets but it's not the case, Insp Mitchell said.

He said the crash risk was also higher at this time of year than any other.

Drug ring co-accused appear in Gladstone court

Drug ring co-accused appear in Gladstone court

Bail refused for alleged traffickers as wiretap details emerge.

Frozen Coke-run costs Gladstone man $1303

Frozen Coke-run costs Gladstone man $1303

The fines prompted an ice-cold quip from the magistrate.

SCAM ALERT: Beware of phone calls offering cheap NBN

SCAM ALERT: Beware of phone calls offering cheap NBN

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