Drinks lead to disqualification

A FEW beers, half a bottle of gin and a bottle of vodka landed Damien Daniel Marshall with a fine of more than $1000 and disqualification from driving for 10 months in Gladstone Magistrates Court yesterday.

Marshall was four times over the limit on October 23 when the charges to which he pleaded guilty arose, including driving without a licence, driving without due care, drink driving and two of serious assault.

The 26-year-old boilermaker had an argument with his partner earlier in the day, then drove off and drank beer at a number of Gladstone pubs, shared a bottle of gin with a friend and probably polished off a bottle of vodka by himself, according to Marshall's defence solicitor Peter Vale.

Around 8.30pm a woman noticed Marshall following closely behind her and revving loudly and later saw him pass through red lights at Breslin Street, according to police prosecutor Senior Constable Jane Doran.

Snr Const Doran said when police arrived at the defendant's address a short time after, Marshall was aggressive and swinging an iron bar over his head.

Two police officers were on the other side of the yard fence from Marshall and cautioned him to put the bar down.

Marshall continued to wave it aggressively at police while swearing and abusing police telling them "I'm going to knock you down,'' according to Snr Const Doran.

Marshall eventually put the bar down and blew a breath alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.204 per cent.

Magistrate Joan White fined Marshall a total of $1350 and disqualified him for 10 months.

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