Dorothy sheds tears for wartime husband Cyril


MANY tears fell throughout the Victory in the Pacific ceremony as Dorothy Horn remembered the tough and traumatising time her husband had gone through during World War II.

Dorothy's husband Cyril Gordon died at the early age of 39 after an infection of 'Golden Staph' (staphylococcus) took him suddenly.

It has been 44 years since Dorothy had her husband by her side.

Dorothy said each and every day she still loved and missed him dearly.

'Nothing ever could replace my husband, and re-marrying was something I could never do,' she said.

'He was such a loving and caring man, who had plenty of time for myself and our two sons.'

Dorothy said her two sons were only young when their father had passed away.

'Having two very young children, it became extremely hard when he passed away,' she said.

'I had to be both the mother and the father to my boys, which was quite difficult at times.

'We survived, it was hard at times because I wasn't sure if I was making the right or wrong decisions.

She said watching the boys grow, looking more and more like their father, helped her feel he was still in her presence.

'I have two wonderful sons, who have now grown up and have children of their own,' Dorothy said.

'It was sad that Cyril never got the chance to watch his children grow up.'

Dorothy believed during her time of grieving and her boys growing up, her family support was important.

'It was so important for me to have family support, and they were all fantastic and supported me in every way they could,' Dorothy said.

A number of veterans didn't like to talk about what happened during the war.

'Cyril never spoke about the war, because we had young children, and I am sure later in his life he would have spoke to me about it,' she said.

'There was once when Cyril wept a few tears, when they had an Anzac ceremony played on television.

'It was a picture of the truck he was in, where he was powered out of, in Singapore.

'That was the first time I had ever heard anything about the war.' Dorothy said he was a loving father, and she remembered and missed him every day.

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