Discrimination against men slammed as unfair

GRAHAM Price is a father and a grandfather.

He is also the Port Curtis District Commissioner for Scouts, was chairman of a kindergarten group when his children were young and he worked with youth in the Presbyterian Church.

The thought that all men are viewed as potential paedophiles makes him angry.

'It is stupidity run amok,' he said about the recent situation when a man was asked to leave his seat on an airliner because there was a child in the seat next to him.

'If I should be asked something like that I would respectfully tell the hostess that that is the airline's business, and I would not give in to that type of thinking,'' he said.

Graham said the situation was worrying.

He said society had painted men as potential deviates waiting to prey on children.

Graham believes the discrimination is the result of certain women's lobby groups that have concentrated their action on men. 'But I am sure there are women who are paedophiles too,' he said. 'You rarely hear anything about them.'

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