Deseal reseal victim seeks compensation


A FEDERAL Government payout offered to Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) deseal reseal victims has been knocked back by local victim Terry Harrison .

Mr Harrison was among a number of air force staff who worked inside the fuel tanks of F-111s during the 1980s.

The chemical they were exposed to during their work, which recently was recently dubbed deseal reseal, caused severe health problems including the death of nine workers.

In September the Federal Government offered victims of the program either $10,000 or $40,000 payouts.

However Mr Harrison said he had been advised not to accept the offer, and was seeking further compensation along with his fellow victims.

'I haven't put a claim in, I have been advised not to by my legal team,' Mr Harrison said.

When they found out about the government's decision in Septem-ber, Mr Harrison said the deseal reseal victims were unhappy with the offer and would seek to have it increased.

Mr Harrison said the victims group, Goop Troop, had been in discussions with the government in an attempt to increase the one off payment.

'They are still talking with the government, so at the moment we are just waiting to see what happens,'Mr Harrison said.

In September when the payouts were offered Veterans Affairs Minister DeAnne Kelly maintained that the payouts were not compensation.

'They are still entitled to seek compensation through the usual means, this is a payment to recognise the work they did and the unique working environment they worked in,'' Ms Kelly said in September.

Mr Harrison suffers from dizzy spells, outbreaks of lesions, headaches, mood swings and memory loss due to the chemicals he was exposed to.

He undergoes ongoing medical treatment.

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