Curtis Island campers say partying teens not so bad


NEW YEAR'S Eve was a great night on Curtis Island, according to Megan Johnston.

Mrs Johnston was responding to comments made in The Observer last week that a group of drunken teens had marred the tranquillity at the island's camping grounds as they celebrated the occasion.

Mrs Johnston said she and her family had been camping on the island for a couple of weeks prior to New Year's Eve.

"The kids that came over on New Year's Eve were great,'' she said.

"They made a huge bonfire on the beach and spent most of the time there.

"In fact, most of the kids didn't last the distance and were asleep before midnight. Mrs Johnston said they found the kids to be reasonably responsible. "They were good fun and we had some good conversations with them throughout the day and the next morning.''

Local teenager Lucy Gudgeon was on Curtis Island that same night and recently wrote to The Observer about the partying. "I participated in the celebrations with all the other teenagers,'' she wrote.

"And I can tell you it is a load of rubbish that it took several hours for other campers to clean up the mess.

"Most of the teenagers took the first barge back to Gladstone in the morning.

"The few of us left cleaned up the entire camping ground, filling about three wheelie bins with rubbish.

"I understand that the majority of idiots did make the place a pigsty but a couple of us took responsibility for the mess and cleaned it up,'' she stated.

Mrs Johnston agreed, and said the kids were in a place where they could have fun and did so without really disturbing anyone.

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