Crying child told to wait outside

AFTER two hours in a clinic waiting room, 17-month-old Tanesha Batten was sick, tired and had enough.

Despite her mother Holly Batten desperately trying to settle her, Tanesha would not stop crying.

Ms Batten was outraged when they were asked to wait outside in the middle of the day.

"I'm just appalled that they asked me to go outside in the heat of the day,'' Ms Batten said.

Although Ms Batten didn't have an appointment she was prepared to wait, as advised, for an hour to see a doctor to make sure her only child, an asthmatic, was okay.

"It was pretty important ? she's got asthma and if it goes to her chest anything can happen,'' Ms Batten said.

"When you've got a child, fair enough I didn't have an appointment, but we were told an hour and I was prepared to wait.

The sick 17-month-old was crying and clinic staff told Ms Batten her daughter was upsetting other patients and she should wait outside.

"She's a really good kid ? It was the fact we waited for over an hour.

"I couldn't settle her.''

Ms Batten and other patients were shocked at the request and Ms Batten decided to seek treatment at her pharmacist until she could visit a different clinic.

"I was just in too much of a state,'' Ms Batten said.

"Normally they ask you to wait in a different room ? they didn't offer anything else.''

Ms Batten and Tanesha visited a doctor the next day who confirmed Tanesha had a chest infection and helped her on her way to recovery.

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