Crash shows drink drive dangers


GLADSTONE police have had enough of drink drivers and have vowed to get them off our streets.

District Inspector Rowan Bond said he had pulled over too many drink drivers and attended too many accidents, and was ensuring police cracked down on offenders.

"What we do get completely sick of is attending accidents,'' Insp Bond said.

'When you've got to go and break the news to the family and all of it could have been stopped if they'd just refrained from drinking ? it's just got to stop.'

Police figures show 26 drink drivers were caught during random breath tests in Gladstone in October this year compared to 17 drink drivers during the same period last year.

Stopping drink-driving is an issue close to District Inspector Rowan Bond's heart, not least because he has seen the affect an accident has on all involved.

A drink driving accident brought the issue closer to home than Insp Bond would have liked, a few years ago.

He was riding his police motorbike in full uniform and was shocked when a driver pulled across his path.

'I decided to take my chances with the road,' Insp Bond said. Insp Bond slid off his bike to avoid the car, injuring himself in the process.

'I lost all the bark off my back and legs,' Insp Bond said. The driver of the car was tested as having a breath alcohol concentration three times the legal limit, according to Insp Bond.

Insp Bond said the incident reminded him of the trauma involved in an accident and he couldn't understand why residents continued to flaunt drink driving limits.

'People have those experiences all the time,' Insp Bond said.

'You've got all the grief of getting your life back together and all the costs involved.'

Insp Bond said residents often didn't realise the ramifications their actions could have, affecting loved ones and causing themselves personal cost, such as not being able to buy insurance.

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