Country Club developers heartened


THE proposed developers of the Boyne Tannum Country Club have been heartened by the "flexibility'' of local sports groups to see the $80 million resort project proceed.

However, a major stakeholding sports club associated with the former club says there has been no further word from the developers since the last meeting six weeks ago.

Perrine Architecture Pty Ltd principal Jean-Mic Perrine said ongoing discussions with the major stakeholders, mainly the golf, bowls and soccer clubs and Calliope Shire Council were going well.

'Next month our consultants will complete the information collection which will allow us to begin the first part of the master planning,' he said.

Mr Perrine said the preliminary plans would be prepared by August "then we'll rely on council to move the project forward'.

Bowls club vice president Lance Sanderson said 'no-one knows what's going on ? we haven't heard a word since six weeks ago'.

Bowls club secretary John Whelan said the proponents made it clear the proposal was at the 'exploratory stage'.

'But they sounded positive and we are hopeful that something will come of it,' he said.

The group's proposal includes an 80-unit (first stage) hotel, a licensed tavern, a restaurant, a health spa, leisure facilities, an 18-hole golf course (the current course is 18-hole) and a mixed residential development.

If it proceeds it will be Boyne Tannum's first resort development.

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