Confidential information leaked


'IT's terribly embarrassing.'

This is how one councillor described confidential information being leaked from Gladstone City Council to the public.

During a recent council meeting Councillor Matt Burnett asked how information about who had donated $150,000 for the construction of a skate park in Gladstone had been leaked to the public.

Cr Burnett was concerned that a radio station had reported that Comalco had provided the funds for the skate park.

During discussions it was heard that not only should the information not have been leaked because it was confidential, but also because it was incorrect.

The money had been donated by Bechtel.

Gladstone mayor Peter Corones said the information should not have been made public as there had not been any final contracts signed and discussions pertaining to the issue were only made during confidential session.

'That's why these things start in confidential,' Cr Corones said.

'They start in confidential until they are sorted out and then you go out and announce it publicly.'

Cr Corones also said that he had his suspicions who had leaked the information.

'I have my suspicions, but I am not prepared to discuss it in an open forum,' Cr Corones said.

Cr Corones said the confidential system allowed for sensitive items to be dealt with in a 'credible' fashion, which had not happened on this occasion.

'What's going on at the moment doesn't seem to me to be credible at all,' agreed Cr Chris Trevor . Cr Corones said he was confident that the issue would not prevent the funding coming through and the skate park being constructed.

'I'm confident we will still get the money, we can achieve it and the kids will have one of the best skate parks around,' he said.

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