Complainants fed up with council aggression


'I AM fed up with the aggressive and confrontational approach of the Miriam Vale Shire Council,' John Smith said.

Mr Smith is one of a long list of complainants who have taken their concerns to the Member for Burnett Rob Messenger in a bid to get some cooperation from council.

The owner of the Agnes Water Building Centre and Hardware, and the second largest employer in the shire behind the council, Mr Smith wants to know what is going on with the council.

'I have an application in to council to marry a nursery onto a lawnmower business I already operate in Agnes,' he explained.

'It is a pretty basic thing we want to do.

'We are not building a nuclear plant!

'Yet council has demanded we include 31 car spaces, six spaces for cars with trailers, a disabled car space and a space for a medium rigid truck on site.

'In the shopping centre just down the road, they have 31 car spaces which service eight shopping spaces.

'These include a grocery shop, a chemist and the Australia Post outlet, all very high traffic businesses.

'When we received this demand from council we were informed in writing we had 90 days to comply with four conditions.

'Council staff were also directed to issue a show cause notice on three of the conditions, well in advance of the timeframe allowed.'

John Barrow also has concerns about his treatment by council.

'We made application to council for a retirement village in Agnes,' he said.

'Numerous phone calls and letters finally got us a response from the CEO five months after the application was lodged. "At that meeting he couldn't tell us anything about our application.

'When we asked for a meeting with a town planner we were told we had to pay $175 up front for a half-hour meeting.

'I believe there is no other council that does that.

'And to make matters worse, after forking out the money, the town planner could not answer any of our questions nor explain why council was taking so long to assess our application.'

The CMC confirmed it was assessing the complaints lodged by Mr Messenger.

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