Competition for investment


KEEP up with infrastructure in the region or risk losing industrial development to places like China, warns Calliope Shire Council chief executive officer Graeme Kanofski.

In his address to the Gladstone Engineering Alliance Conference, Mr Kanofski said the difficulty of attracting further major industry development to this region should never be underestimated.

"These industries operate in a global economy ? unless we can provide infrastructure to support industry at world-best practice and price, they will pass us by,'' he warned.

"One only has to look at China whose economy is growing at more than 10 per cent per year to know we are facing stiff competition.''

Mr Kanofski said although wider economic issues played a huge part in the decisions made by multi-nationals as to the siting of new plants, councils and other infrastructure providers had a key role in attracting investment dollars.

"We must ensure we have the long-term planning in place to accommodate the considerable growth associated with these new developments,'' he said.

He said this was one reason why councils needed to work together when planning for and providing infrastructure and services.

Toward this end Calliope shire and Gladstone city councils were preparing a joint planning scheme.

"For example those involved in land development will no longer have to apply different development standards for such things as roads, water and sewerage services''.

He said among other co-operative efforts were: n Calliope and Gladstone were part of a working group to develop an integrated transport plan for the region.

n Work on the Calliope River Road and Landing Road, funded by both state and federal governments, to make them into heavy industrial traffic routes linking the Bruce Highway to the state development area and diverting traffic from the city.

A $1.5 million contribution to the Port Access Road to provide access to the Gladstone Port facilities. The development of Millenium Park and Canoe point to provide more quality beachfront recreational facilities for the region's population. A regional landfill to take the waste from a number of Central Queensland councils (see page 5).

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