City faces surge in construction

By REN LANZON PROJECTS worth hundreds of millions of dollars planned for the City of Gladstone look as if they will mature this year or next.

Some of the developments are relatively new, but others have been on the development books for years apparently waiting for the right time to be dusted off for construction.

Developers appear to be acting on a burst of confidence in Gladstone's growth and have have lodged concept, approval or building applications with Gladstone City Council which could spark a flurry of building activities in the city during the next few months.

Planners, investors and the building industry appear to be at a loss to explain the sudden development boom.

But two guesses are infrastructure expansion, such as that of the port authority, and the mining activities in the Gladstone hinterland.

The activity has also coincided with a call for submissions to Gladstone City Council for a new Town Plan as required by the state government.

The council's assessment and development manager Andrew Kearns said the exhibition period for the proposed Town Plan had now ended.

He said about 60 submissions were received by council and these would be reviewed for inclusion into the document before forwarding to the state government for review.

He said council began the process of preparing the new plan seven years ago to fit new guidelines as required by the government.

'Neither Gladstone council nor scores of other councils around the state expected the process to take so long to complete,' he said.

He said one advantage of the new plan was that it would provide a better balance of social, economic and environmental matters.

A disadvantage was that it could delay the development applications, although council would do its best to speed the process.

'In reality it may not be until mid to late this year before the document receives final gazettal.'

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