City drivers pay $1m for speeding

SPEEDING motorists in the Gladstone region forked out at least $1 million in fines last year, contributing to almost $90 million raised by the state government for speeding offences.

But Transport and Main Roads Minister Paul Lucas' office would not reveal the exact figure for Gladstone.

The minimum fine for speeding is $100 and one demerit point for travelling up to 12kph above the speed limit, while the maximum is $700, eight demerit points and a six-month licence suspension for travelling more than 40kph above the limit.

This means that if each of the 11,000 drivers fined for speeding last year in Gladstone were to receive the minimum penalty, $1.1 million was collected.

Central Police Region traffic co-ordinator Inspector Dennis Smith said speeding tickets were not imposed as revenue raisers, but instead focused on deterring drivers from speeding.

'If the value is sufficient to act as a deterrent and a person is disuaded from doing these things again then that's all that matters,'' Insp Smith said.

However, Insp Smith said there was a core of perpetual offenders who believed was their "god-given right to speed and no matter what the penalties are that are enforced, they don't care'.

He said while perpetual offenders constituted only a small group of motorists, they would not be deterred by fines or loss of points.

'I think only a short period as a guest of her majesty (jail) would make any difference to that group,' he said.

He said Gladstone motorists had recorded exceptionally high speeds in the past, with one motorcyclist recording a speed of 214kph in recent years.

However, he said the average speed of the motoring public had dropped off dramatically after recent campaigns.

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