Central need more players for second teammore playersfor secondlocal team

DESPITE registering the most senior players in the club's history, more players must be found for Central Soccer Club's second local team.

According to coach of the local team Pat King, with the club registering two Capricornia League teams and two in the Gladstone Soccer Federation, the ranks have slimmed.

'We have two squads of 15 for our two local teams, but unfortunately are still struggling to field two full teams,' he said.

King said that with some of the players being shift workers it was difficult for them to commit each week.

'We are chasing probably six or seven blokes who are looking for a kick,' King said.

The lack of players meant one of the local teams was forced to struggle through their match last weekend, while the other team forfeited.

King said there were players who had signed on but were not turning up to training.

'On the paper it's fine, we seem to have enough, we just need a couple more and for everyone to make a commitment and with the season already begun it needs to be now,' King said.

Central president Allan McNeil said the committee was confident of getting the extra players and proving themselves in the local competition.

'The committee had to make a very tough decision in regards to the second local team,' McNeil said.

'With sixty players registered we had too many for three teams, but not quite enough for four.

'So rather than have players who were keen to play miss out each week because there were too many registered, we decided to push for the extra team, now we need the players to support us in the decision.'

McNeil added that there was also a possibility for anyone wanting to play to make one of the Capricornia League teams if they were interested and committed.

Anyone wanting to play can sign on at Central's training at Sunvalley Park tonight and Thursday night from 6.30pm.

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