Canoe Point wins friendly beach title


CANOE Point has won the prestigious Tourism Queensland Friendly Beach Award for Central Queensland Wide Bay at this week's Clean Beach Challenge award presentations.

Calliope Shire Council's manager for parks and recreation Jeff Kidner said he was surprised to win the award.

'All thanks must go to Rosemary Koenig who put in the entry and did all the paperwork,' Mr Kidner said.

'We set out to make Canoe Point a people-friendly space and obviously we have achieved that.

'Only a few years ago that was just a patch of bush

'Now it rivals the Millennium Esplanade in terms of popularity.'

CEO Graeme Kanofski said the win was fantastic, particularly because all the work to get the nomination in was done by Rosemary Koenig and not the council.

'This award is great recognition for the community,' Mr Kanofski said.

Ro Koenig said she put in the nomination on behalf of the Boyne Tannum Community Advancement Association.

'I didn't expect the submission to be so challenging when I offered to do it.

'I thought it was just a case of nominating the area and then the judges would come and look at Canoe Point and make a decision, but that wasn't the case.

'Thanks to Calliope Council for assisting me with the information I needed to complete the nomination.'

Ms Koenig said other councils were extremely interested in what they had achieved at Canoe Point.

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