Calliope Shire warns on greywater


DIVERTING greywater for use in home gardens may be a backward step in terms of safety and efficiency, the Calliope Shire Council has warned.

'And it may cost you more,' said the council's director of development services Russell Schuler. He said the council believed it was more effective to recycle the greywater through sewage treatment plants rather than in the home in sewered areas.

'I think most people expected to be able to run a sullage hose from their laundry and irrigate their greywater over lawns and gardens, but that is not allowed under the new legislation.'

Mr Schuler said the use of greywater to keep gardens alive in times of drought was a good idea.

However, in ordinary times it was better and safer if greywater was treated in bulk at sewage treatment plants and used on sporting fields, public parks and industry.

He said greywater played an important part in the efficient operation of sewerage systems. Without it the sewage was more concentrated and slower to pump, which increased the potential for smells at pump stations, caused scum build-up on pump station walls and other pumping problems.

He said this occurred during the 2002 water restrictions when many households were reusing their greywater.

'In some cases it may also mean that treated water will need to be introduced into the systems to clear blockages.'

At this time council does not accept applications for greywater reuse systems in its sewered areas, but this decision can be reviewed in the future.

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