Calliope mayor to get $24,000 rise in MPs? tie


A PROPOSED change to how the Calliope Shire mayor is paid will mean Councillor George Creed will get an extra $24,000 each year for his Mayoral duties.

Council is proposing to base its remuneration policy for the mayor and councillors on a pro-rata basis equivalent to 75 per cent of a state bakbencher.

This would equate to an $82,987 salary for Cr Creed. The council is advertising its proposed remuneration policy for public comment.

Council's spokesman in respect to the remuneration policy, newly elected deputy mayor Craig Butler, believes this will redress a situation where neither the mayor nor councillors are being adequately compensated.

'Council took the view that it would be best to link the remuneration to those on a percentage of Member of the Legislative Assembly,' he said.

Cr Butler said that would make the remuneration to councillors more transparent than the council basically devising its own remuneration as in the past.

According to the shire's budget report, Cr Creed last year was paid a total of $58,888, but Cr Butler said that figure 'did not truly reflect his efforts' for being available for council related work most of the day for seven days a week.

Yesterday Cr Creed himself said he did not claim what he was properly entitled to on each occasion, partly be-cause of the complications of the process.

He said he did not regard his job as mayor as a part- time job and made most of his day available to mayoral duties while still trying to manage his own business affairs.

Cr Butler said the mayoral salary was all inclusive and took in special meetings, trips to Brisbane or elsewhere to meet with government ministers and agencies, attend conferences, represent council at scores of public functions and many other obligations as mayor.

He said the only 'perk' received by the mayor was use of the mayoral car and a mobile phone.

The shire's chief executive officer Graeme Kanofski said under the new policy councillors would receive $11,065 per annum (10 per cent of a backbencher's $110,650). Previously councillors received a base of $8000.

Unlike the mayor they will continue to be paid fees for general and special meetings, seminars or conferences and committee, and statutory authority or committee meetings if nominated by council, but will have less access than previously to fees associated with their training in respect to council duties.

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